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Direct TV

Life without information look like life without air.
So many ways to get informations, you can find it from magazine, newspaper, internet, television etc.
There are a wide variety of satellite systems available on the market now,
With Direct TV, you will get more than just information.
Directv offers over 265 channels.
Dirrectv gives you amazing program televison, such as movie,family program, sport, latest news etc.
Make sure you are getting what you want out of your programming.
Directtv is the best solution for all your need to watching television
No doubt choose directtvas your part of life.

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  1. direct tv tuh apa sih mba? kayak satelit parabola gitu ya? (norak nih gak tau, hehe..)

  2. ehem-ehem iya tuh mbak,direct tv itu apa yap?tv kabel yap? (smbl nglirik ke dalam isi dompetnya else :D)

  3. selamat, selamat... sutradara tipi ya...

  4. Duaarrrr...
    Yeee thom is back..
    kaget yah?? Huehehehehe
    Semoga kali ini thom bisa deh rutin bwnya huehehehe.. Kmren sok sibuk siih..

    Ooops,, Gimme a big huge..

    Ol'ret, klo thom pikir-pikir, gak perlu dah nongtong directTV. TV lokal udah sipp kok. Terutama TransTV, Trans7, Metro, ama TVone. AntV juga sipp. :D

    Junjung produk dalam negeri...

    Eits.. jangan rindukan aku ya??!!

  5. sepertinya laris manis repiwnya disini yak :D

  6. dq pake parabola aja mbak, kasih rotor..ssssssssssttt..dapet deh

  7. I'd try it, very awasome its about 265 channel really.

  8. Good work in this pro there is very beautiful channel and some of them is for sucribe