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tips: how o maintenance/caring your PS

Caring for Playstation joystick
friends....may be many who have both the Playstation PS3,PS1 and PS2 had experienced damage to the favorite Playstation, both the damage to the engine and stick Playstation itself. I believe that's the second thing is, the most often broken is the stick. The question is why?.

Rarely stick to the damage caused by the cable break stick. Cable rupture is due to be the way we use the stick. Sometimes when we are eager to play, we move the stick was hard. so .. if you want does not quickly broken stick, that should be (if this can help) at the time we have to play calm and do not move much. The cause is the way we roll up the cable club. Never roll up the cable in the body stick! but folded appropriate indentation before you stick the cable. How to improve the Playstation games, I will explain in the next post.

Caring Machine's Playstation

Actually caring for Playstation machine easily enough, and that I do this for 6 months to 5 years old PS1 and PS2 for me. The first thing you should notice is the air circulation around the machine you need to smoothly Playstation / at least in the room open. While you play your Playstation accessoris all day, not during Overheat, then there will be no problem. For the PS1 and PS2 slim, you should use an additional fan if you intend to play all day.

Note also voltage electricity in your home. If you live in a place that often down ride, you should use stabilizer, which is a means to stabilize the voltage into 220 volt electricity. This is very important, especially considering the komponen2 electronic optics is very sensitive to changes in electrical voltage.

The latter is how to save your Playstation. Of course we know that electronic barang2 should not be exposed to water or stored in a humid place. Therefore keep your Playstation in a dry place. When you need to place the silica gel that works to remove humidity in the place where you save the Playstation.

So, hopefully useful.

We are sorry, for posting my previous service that is part 1 playstation 1 playstation 1 service and part 2 has been removed for reasons I have been in violation of 'Copyright' someone. For that I apologize that most of the concerned

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