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Special gift for Puteri

My beloved niece, Puteri will be celebrate her birthday next month,of course, I must prepare a gift for her. Last year I gave her a beautiful dress.

I planned to give her something different, special gift. As usual I browsed internet to find special gift for puteri. And I found ShopWiki.com.
It is a site where the shopper can find anything for sale on the web.

After seeing many products , I decided to give her an electronic game. And I choose Nintendo Wii as Puteri’s birthday gift.
Why I choose this stuf? , because I know that my niece is game addicter, so do I, so when I come to Puteri’s home, we can play together.
No waste time, I bough one for her.

I couldn’t stop smiling when I imagine my beloved niece, Puteri knowing her special gift, from me.

I really like Shop Wiki, This site gives the most informed products and services, so the shoppers can make the best decision when buying them.
Shopping is more fun because we can get anything in just one click.

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  1. wehhh, mulai menangguk dolar nehhh, ak yakin non satu ini bisa sukses di bidang ini

  2. wohohoho repiuuuuuuuuuuuu ya say :D sep sep sep

  3. U realy like be good mother for your dougher, amazing.. :) I proud to you mom, beside u funny, humories, ups,.. well,.. U smart.
    U can become a mom, become a friend also.. wonderful,.. realy realy superwomen.

    Success :)
    theblues honesty 4 U

  4. hari gini...???duh, dolar semakin naik...btw bensin turun eeyy....

  5. review ne ye... mendaur dolar sebyk" ya. tgl traktir ntr.hehe

  6. wah mbak ikutan paid review juga, hebat uey, tapi mbak kok ada komen nya walaupun review hebat2... hehehe...

  7. wew....koq smua pada memuji else sih.....padahal kan else nyontek anna tuh......*ayo mbake bagi $ nay sama aq*..........

    *kaburr ah.....komentatornya cowok smua, takut di 'hajar'...*


  8. @anna 'dTeepZ alias Molen :D>>>> hwekz.. nyontek apanya???, bukannya, aq yg ngajari ngutek HTML, xixixi (aq memfitnah diri sendiri sist)

  9. hayyah ga ngerti bahasa english neh

  10. Ini ceritanya curhat atau promosi yak???
    thom bingungszzz...

  11. dah mulai review yah bu' :)

    selamat menuai dollar dah, moga sukses yah :)

  12. pemburu dollar nih ye..

  13. emg kl review g boleh di closed comment yah?

  14. mbak ini yah ripiunya :D kelenz euy !!

    lam buat sofia yah

  15. Just blog walking and want to say hi to the owner, I'm enjoying reading your review/story thanks