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manage your trash for human being

Garbage problem always interesting to talk about but terrible to be touched. Invasion waste into the third bogey after attack 'hypertension' and diabetes, all over town even if the waste can be stressful janitor late visits. Though candidates are waiting for the garbage out and should soon disappeared because of aesthetics will decrease in value if there was rubbish everywhere.

Trash everywhere, why confused??http://www.nviro.com

All the research says that it increase the amount of waste equal to population growth, so if the baby is born so that means the earth at the same time get new tenants plus the new waste waster. Well, if so crucial problems of this garbage, why do we have to complicate handling. Right?

Try to think smart .. garbage is part of ourselves, even garbage creative officer can make and mold the behavior of data resident of a housing complex just by looking at the garbage strewn across the neighborhood. He knows when a lady and her daughter came in, the family B is parsimonious because the trash is always a stem kale and tempe wrap, or people whose children are subject to C drugs and the party just shabu.

Actually if you want, we can facilitate the business of this trash. Imitate the workings of nature that always reduce waste, such as in the forest there is no waste, all shrunk so that we do not find fallen leaves or twigs or dead animals. All the garbage in bacteria and microbes relish and parsed into humus, back to nature as an organic chemical material useful.

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