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about baseball in this country

One of sports that need good team beside football, soccer, Volley ball,    is baseballjust wanted to review the situation in Indonesia sports ... especially baseball as I know ..probably all know how this sport and sporting sort of middle-class hi.but the reality on the ground in Indonesia is very different, especially those who want me to write is about the readiness of the national baseball team who will go to the SEA Games in Thailand.

from early preparation this team is very confusing especially baseball events that mankind has recently held a perfect time of this team try-outs (test) into Japan.try out at that time there was one athlete who suffered a broken bone injury, and not the athlete is not competent but lack of attention from a minimum yaaa ... manager, coach or administrator PERBASASI (Softball Amateur Baseball Association of Indonesia),

there is the fact that even current athletes and even returned to their regions aja thrown away without any sense of loss or regret.that the worse, the equipment was used during the preparation of the SEA Games by the athletes, was asked back by the manager is highly unethical is not it?maybe it will make baseball more exist if we add Cheerleading here.
yes this may be a reflection of sports in Indonesia ...

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